Thursday, November 02, 2006


last night Gregory, me, Thomas, janne, her sister and her sister's friend, and some other dude friend of janne's all went to go see Borat the movie.

"Borat"( a kazakhstanian television reporter. He goes to America to learn lessons in which he can bring back to Kazakakhstan to make the country better. The movie is a "mockumentary" aka--its not real.

Borat is very politically incorrect and offensive. Anyone that takes high offense to political incorrectness should NOT see this movie. He make comments on the Jewish community, women, homosexuals, mentally handicapped, and makes lewd comments about sex.

it was hilarious. The theater was uproarious! Seriously, the whole theater was just howling with laughter, and at some particularly outrageous "I cant believe he actually said that" parts everyone was all "WHHOOOOOAAAAAAAA "

the people I went to see the movie with didn't think it would play in America because it offends American culture so much. I thought they were stupid Europeans. We're not that tight assed.
anyway, anyone that can laugh at themselves, and can take a joke, should watch the movie.

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V-Grrrl said...

I so need to see this movie. I'm going to see if it's playing nearby.