Thursday, May 18, 2006

Niet te veel, hé

yesterday afternoon gregory's friend Dimintri called me. he asked if i wanted to do something. i was very suprised because no one ever calls to see if i want to do something in the middle of a weekday. and even more so, no one ever calls from WEST FLANDERS to see if i want to do something. so i said yes. i was a little nervous because we dont see Dimintri too often and i never hang out with him one-on-one. i just really hate thoseawkward silences when you dont know what to say anymore. it makes me anxious. but there was none of that!

he came all the way to gent to pick me up with his little three year old daughter, Alicia, in tow. wow. what a great little kid, honestly. we drove in the car for well over an hour, do to construction work everywhere. we even stopped at an auto supply store for a half hour. during this whole time she only fussed maybe twice for maybe 5 minutes each because she was thirsty. hell, so was i, Dimitri's car was HOT. she was AWESOME and quiet. who doesn't love that about a child. after the car place we went to the park where she could play. we drank soda, ate apple cake and watched alicia play on everything. it was fun.

to round off my busy afternoon, Dimitri and i even saved a couple of children on our way back to his house. as we were driving along i happened to see 2 small children (one was younger than alicia and the other was probably around the same age or maybe a year or so older) dancing on a small ledge of the upstairs of a house. i gasped and Dimitri said "what??" i pointed to the children and he was worried too so he pulled over. he knocked on the door and asked the woman who opened the door if it was normal for her children to be playing on the ledge like that. she looked confused, stepped outside of the house and saw the horror!! she ran upstairs and grabbed her children. now i dont really think it was our place to question her parenting but we couldnt very well leave knowing there are children on the roof. the youngest one thought it was so funny. she was giggling and waving and dancing. meanwhile i'm in the car wringing my hands together mentally willing that woman's fat ass up the stairs faster. we were hero's.

after returning to Dimitri's house things calmed down. alicia had to go to bed. before bed she was drinking some ice tea. she apparently wanted alot, but in small quantities. so dimitri had to constantly keep pouring her more and more and each time she'd say over and over "niet te veel, hé" which means "not too much, eh" she said it in the most cutest littlest girlie voice that she made it sound like something worth writing about.

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