Monday, May 22, 2006

The apartment

We did most of our moving this past weekend. All we have left in the house are the clothes and dishes we'll need for the next week, a mattress, the desk and chair and a few boxes. It echoes in here its so empty.

we moved the mattress into the living room so we could have something to sit on. Gregory is loving it because now he can watch TV as he's going to sleep. I've told him I don't ever want a TV in the bedroom. Mostly because he's a fanatic. Plus he falls asleep to it and NEVER turns it off. So it'll wake me up throught out the night until I finally wake up enough to realize that its late and he's already sleeping and then I get angry thinking of all the uninterrupted sleep I could of been having. So it was my idea to move the mattress and I figured he could have a treat for a week. However, waking up this morning was no treat, for either of us! We both had stiff necks and backs. uggghhhhh sleeping on a thin, saggy, unsupportive-European mattress nearly broke us. And gregorys tone went from "yay!!!! Mattress in the livingroom for a week!" to" ugh god, can we do this for a week?"

1 thing I didn't think of about the mattress in the livingroom: you can see right through the kitchen window. And what's through our kitchen window? Only about a dozen construction workers working on the roof of the house next door. So I stretched and yawned and did all those ugly waking up things people do only to look over to catch eyes with someone on the roof across the street.yes. perfect.

so day 1 of 7 in the empty apartment is pretty much the same as usual only now I have more room to slide across the floor in my socks. Cleaning must commence. Thursday is a holiday so there will be a cleaning party here. Guests include: me, Gregory and gregorys mother. She invited herself because she's a cleaning fanatic. Saturday everything goes! Sleeping at his parents house for the weekend. And we get the keys to the new place on the 29th. And then everything starts all over, only in reverse.


Steph said...

Post some pics! :)

mandee said...

i was gonna but my camera had already been packed!!! booooo, huh. we are now homeless. sleeping at his parents.