Tuesday, May 16, 2006


We officially have begun our move. We'll be moving into our new place for June 1st. Well, we'll be moving on the weekend before, really. This is good because if we hadn't found anybody for June, we would of had to pay rent for both the house and the apartment.
as we expected the apartment was really easy to get rented. We put our for rent signs up 2 Sundays ago and its rented already. We never even had a chance to post it on the internet. A few hours after we put up our signs someone called about it, they said they had another apartment to look at on Friday so they'd let us know. Then on Thursday night another couple called about it and they came to look at it on Friday night. They ended up taking it. They needed something right away and we needed to move right away so we both win. Plus we sold them our wardrobe aswell. Anyone whose bought something from Ikea knows what kind of hell their furniture is. For those of you who haven't: they have a DIY policy. Its suppose to be cheaper that way or something but you have to purchase EVERYTHING separate, right down to the screws. And their directions are just poorly drawn men assembling the thing. No words or anything. So you really only have a one page cartoon drawing to help you assemble your furniture. And basically once its up its up and don't bother taking it down because you'll never get it back together again. We wanted something different anyway. Our 550€ wardrobe is now sold for 425€ a little less than what I wanted it to go for but oh well.

so I started packing up today. WhatI could anyway. We know 2 couples that JUST moved andI asked Gregory to see if they have any boxes they want to get rid of. "no I'll ask my mom for some" last night he came home without any boxes."I'll get them tomorrow" he said last night. This afternoon "I'm gonna ask if my grandma has any" why he just doesn't ask the people that are SURE to have boxes I really don't know. But if he doesn't come home with any tonightI'm going to kick his ass. Considering it is my job to get us packed up and out, becausI'm home all day and he isn't. Just because he's unorganized doesn't mean that's howI want to do things.

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