Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Today I had a job interview at the American embassy in Brussels. I'm not exactly sure how its going to go but my magic 8-ball says outcome looks positive. The only negative part of the interview was that usually everyone working there has to have a European nationality. Little did I know, I could apply for dual nationalities and not lose my American one. But the man I spoke to today said he'd speak to the other 2 people that I would have to go through before getting a job and see what he can do. I've been learning through this job search process how political Belgium is, in that, you really must know people to get anywhere. So I know someone who knew this guy I saw today and he likes my someone and appeared to like me so he's going to try and pull some strings. He said if it doesn't work out than maybe I could become his personal assistant because he's been without one for 2 weeks and is apparently swamped with work. So we'll see.i'm hopeful, but as he said he's not going to promise anything he cant keep, which I appreciate. So my feet are still on the ground but I am crossing my fingers real tight.

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