Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Belgium has wood

taken from my kitchen window to the street below.

Just in case they forget....

and a completely unrelated wood story. I saw a sign that said "animal center" and I thought it meant that it was an animal shelter because Gregory and I want a puppy (if we ever move out of this apartment) so I got really excited and Gregory was like "oh..That's the name of a STORE. We wouldn't call a shelter animal center, we'd say [insert Dutch word for animal shelter here]" and I argued that they write many things in English and how would i know know that reading animal center in english didnt mean just that. an animal. center.

so my question to you is, do you think they actually SELL wood at this WOOD CENTER or just wood accessories??


Steph said...

Hey we'll ship Jack over if you want a puppy! He'll fit in well, wearing a beret and a black and white striped shirt (true frenchman of course)! He could use a break from the fast paced large dog play he's been dealing with!


mandee said...

yeah, i think he'd def get used to life here. people bring their dogs everywhere. into busy stores...restaurants..everywhere