Monday, April 17, 2006


Hope everyone had a good easter. NOTHING exciting happened here. the bunny didnt even stop on by. bugger. oh well, the bunny didnt stop for gregory either. we're both bad children, i guess. we didnt hunt for eggs, go to church or have dinner. we didnt even visit his parents. gregory worked on his translations all day and i cleaned the house, only to have it soiled again when gregory took a break. it went from sparkling, to exactly how it was. we then later went to a welcome home party for a girl who spent the last 3 months in spain. she said yesterday she was lying on the beach!!! ohhh i wish i could be lying on the beach right about now.

today is easter monday and no one has to work. gregory is still sleeping. it looks like we have fairly good weather today and i'd really like to do something. we'll see.

not really too much to report.

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