Tuesday, November 27, 2007

what i've learned

here is a video from a belgian sketch comdey show. they're making fun of the west-flemmish dialect. no one else from the country can understand it because they talk like cave men, yet i've lived here for only 3 years (come february) and I can already understand it (most of it. give me a break.)

anyway, i'm pretty proud that i'm able to understand their crazy talk so i thought i'd show you this video of a computer teacher teaching foreigners the west-flemmish terminology for using computers.


computer teacher gives introduction
"first and foremost, the computer is your friend. you will learn how to navigate this computer in west-flemmish dialect"

"windows 98 also has a specific language: RUUTE 98" (you can clearly hear the difference between the proper way to say 98 and the west flemmish shit way)

ok ok, everyone stand up
-everyone trys it for a bit-
teacher says: west-flemmish comes from within, let everything out
then he picks on gilbert and tells him he needs to let it out a little looser
the video cuts to another term word but they dont say the actual english word for it, but for reference they're talking about turning on the computer "start"

underline: onderstreeepen
log out

video cuts to the teacher helping a student while gilbert hits his computer
teacher: whoa whoa, gilbert, please!
-turns to other student- whats he doing?
you never hit the computer

if you want to print:
hard disk
floppy disk
shut down

then gilbert asks a question regarding something not working properly on his computer and he needs to transfer files to his floppy disk, what does he need to do?
and the teacher answers: thats simple gilbert, you turn it on, stick it in, log in log back out and be done with it
gilbert: ahhhh...now i understand
(mind you gilbert is also speaking west flemmish so the whole foreigner thing doesnt really fit there)

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