Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the mystery that is my hair

heres a crazy little story that i may have told before; every time my hair grows people ask me if i've cut it. nope. it just falls differently i've come to tell people. what other explaination is there for people thinking that my longer hair is shorter?
In september i explained this rather poorly to a college of mine. she got the message and too, found it strange. a few weeks ago some else asked me again if my hair had been cut. nope, not cut. blown dried, surely, a little poofier than normal, certainly, but definetly not cut.
but i went to get my hair cut last night. and i was eager for all the oos and ahhs that come with cutting your hair (whether its sincere or not doesnt matter) but there were no oos and ahhs. someone commented on it firs tthing in the morning only because i rode the bus home with her and told her i was going directly to the hair dressers, so she had an obligation to say something. no one commented until the middle of the day! thats a long time for someone not to notice! and i cut a good 3-4 inches off!
how can people notice the minute changes in my hair while its growing but not the drastic change of chopping inches off?
the world may never know.

granted its nothing special. i was only looking for a simple cut anyway, but STILL!





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