Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a few summer photos

my biggest triumph this summer is getting a pool! not just any pool--a rooved pool. cant get any better than that, really.

(i could totally model for the cover of the box. all i need is a "competent supervisor" standing by the pool with me)

the next photos have really nothing to do with anything. it was a nice summer evening on a square drinking and having a good time: p.s. its actually very dark and like 12am but my nighttime setting on my camera makes it look like day time.

gregory looking like a 10 year old at a baseball game.

me looking like a chipmunk

Dimitri looking like Dimitri and smoooking

the next 2 pictures are of the moon. its been hanging so low and fat like its about ready to explode, lately. my pictures dont do it justice at all. you can't see just how big and close it is. but you can see that it was bright:

Gregory (as i was walking out of the house to meet him at his car): *giggle giggle*
me: what's so funny??!!
gregory: you look funny
me: why do i look funny?
gregory: because you're wearing BIG sunglasses and little shorts.
me: isn't that what summer is all about?

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