Thursday, July 13, 2006

because i'm bored, thats why

one of those stupid survey thingies that no one ever cares about.

1. What is your middle name? Beth

2. How big is your bed? not big enough! i always have gregory lying on top of MY pillows!!

3.What are you listening to right now? the sound ofthe old radio making a noise because the volume is turned up too high, yet i cant hear the music

4. What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 1924

5. What was the last thing you ate? only the awesomest lunch EVER. a thick, rustic-style piece of bread, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, a bit of lettuce, a couple of chucks of tomato, cottage cheese, a few pieces of pineapple, tartar suace for diping and cranberry juice for washing all the yumness down

6. Last person you hugged? gregory

7. How is the weather right now? sunny and hot. i want to go swimming!

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? umm gregory..last night when he called me for no reason from work.

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? The mouth. i dont know why. and the first thing i notice about the same sex is the eyebrows. i'm weird.

10. Favorite type of Food? junk food

11. Do you want children? some day

12. Hair color? blonde.

13. Do you wear contacts? no. though many people think i do because my eyes are so blue.

14. Favorite holiday? halloween

15. Favorite Season? autumn

16. Have you ever cried over a love lost? i guess?

17. Last Movie you watched?umm..mean girls. last night on Prime movies waiting for the time to hit 11.30 so i could hop into bed.

18. What books are you reading? NONE! i went to the bookstore in town over the weekend but they didnt sell any english books. i have to make my way into gent for that. hopefully this weekend. i've read about every fashion magazine there is in both dutch and enligh though! right now on my table waiting to be read is Flair, a flemmish beauty magazine; which i like because they often attach a little booklet of deals on hotels or spas. this week its a booklet of hot beach destinations in belgium and holland and places of interest at those destinations.

19. Piercings? i have 2 in each ear although i only wear earrings in the first holes.

20. Favorite Movie? i dont know this is hard. its always been the labyrinth but i havent watched it in forever.

21. Favorite college football team? umm none.

22. What were you doing before filling this out? killing bugs heh

25. DOGS: love em.

26. Favorite drink? cranberry juice or apple juice

27. Favorite flower? lillies

28. Have you ever loved someone? uhh... yeah. everyone loves someone

29. Who would you like to see right now? my mom and dad!

30. What color are your bedroom walls? creamy white

31. Have you ever fired a gun? if a bb gun counts then yes.

32. Do you like to travel by plane? i love it because flying by plane generally means i'm going faaaar faar away, and i like that idea.

33. Right-handed or Left-handed? LEFT! i'm proud of my south-pawedness (even if it has left me handicapped in that i cant cut bread, or anything for that matter, straight. DAD.)

34. If you could go to any place right now where would you go? the beach. better with some friends from the boro

35. Are you missing someone? Yeah.

36. Do you have a tattoo? i do

37. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? no. i dont like the dutch-dubbed over verisons.

38. Are you hiding something from someone right now?

39. Are you 18? and then some.

40. What is the wallpaper on your cellphone? a picture of gregory all sleepy-faced

41. Are you afraid of the dark? yes.

42. Favorite hangout: most recently my backyard. but before it was def the pink flamingo in gent. i havent been to any amazing bars here in the burbs yet. theres one at the end of our street but its lame and thats why gregory likes it, but i dont so much.

43. 3 things you can’t live without?(not saying the obvious choices, which don’t need saying to be true) sunglasses, books and inside jokes

44. Favorite songs? ha! its lame but 'rood'. i dont know the singer, and i mentally block out the whole first half of the song. for me the song doesnt begin until it picks up, buts its so catchy i cant help but sing it all the time so i guess thats why its my favorite "vandag is ROOD. de kleur van jouw LIPPEN." love it.

45. What are you afraid of? the dark, teletubbies and SQUIRRELS

46. Are you a giver or a taker?i'm a taker in a different way of what i give. but i'm def both.

47. What are your nicknames? most everyone calls me mandy. i thought for sure that no one would call me that after highschool but its still going strong, right on into belgium. gregory calls me mona lisa, zoetje and babe.

48. What is your dad’s middle name? bwaha the BEST ever..DUFF. thats right, the ORIGIONAL Duff man. don't even try. no one can top that.

49. What do you sleep in? my bed?

50. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing? sun glasses

51. Favorite TV commercial? i guess it would be that one where the kid's family turns into a bunch of hot babes. its kinda funny. i HATE the one where that fucking woman says "aan tafel" or those stupid cheese commercials.

52. First thing you’ll save in a fire? gregory's (more than likely) sleeping ass. because if i dont do it, who will?

53. What is your favorite color?red

54. What are the things you always bring with you? sun glasses, chap stick, sweatshirt

55. What did you want to be when you were a kid? a surgon

56. What do you usually do when the alarm turns on? i shut it off. then i sleep until i'm not tired anymore, which is still earlier than what gregory gets up. his alarm sounds all morning

57. What color is your bedsheet?something ugly. i want new bedding in the worst way

58. Who do you want to meet?Alive or passed on? i dont really know..

59. What do you think about before you go to bed? usually the most random of things

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