Wednesday, June 07, 2006

here are a few pictures from my garden. i havent taken any other pictures yet because we've been doing alot of work and theres still a bunch of crap lying around everywhere. our yard. we have a great sized pattio , a working water pump and a beautiful shed. this picture was taken half way through the weeding process. and these are all the weeds i pulled. 5 large bags and 2 boxes. plus a couple of busted up hands.. and a sunburn.

we also have an evil goose next door with a little duck buddy. yesterday i saw the goose standing on the duck and looking down on him, kinda like how dogs show their dominance. after the stare down the little duck got up, shook hilself of, and waddled into his house. the goose hisses constantly, but for whatever reason i couldnt get him to hiss at me for his picture. stupid goose the goose stalking me from across his yard with his duck in tow. i like to think of them as the duo from "the christmas story" the goose is the evil red-head and the duck is that little squealy kid . the goose staring me down and the duck clearly dissinterested.
my neighbor, the owner of this goose, wont say hi to me, even after i wave my arm frantically with the biggest, most charming smile i can make "Heeeeeeeeeey!" i say. nothing. dad suggested i ask him, to break the ice "whats the deal with your fucking goose." and i did. but i didnt think he heard me. but he might have because we've graduated to a wave back. thats something.

this last picture has nothing to do with the house but is for dad. gregory wearing his shirt. i forgot i took a picture of it for you . he looks stupid because he wouldnt stop moving and i was following him around trying to get a shot. thats his "i'm looking for something and i have a girl on my back" look, i guess.

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