Wednesday, June 21, 2006

100 euros

Yesterday evening Gregory and I went to our friend, peiter jan's work. His father owns a company that sells garden furniture and lots of plastic goods. We went just looking for a patio set, bust while we were there why not pick up a few other things we need?

so after looking through the catalog and deciding on some furniture, we went to the warehouse to go get it. Since we're friends and all pieter Jan wanted to give us a deal and in order to do that we had to take the furniture that no longer had sets to go with them. So he got a display room table and 6 "left over" chairs. It all goes nicely together, it just wasn't meant to be sold together by factory standards. The table is a charcoal grey with a glass top and the chairs are also charcoal grey and adjustable. They're very comfortable to sit in. We also got a lounge chair that's super comfy for lounging in the sun. An umbrella for our table that has an adjustable top to angle it at the sun. Then we got a plastic container to hold our winter clothes and extra blankets n stuff and 2 plastic containers to hold our trash bag and recycling bag nicely. All of this came to 100 euros; you can't beat that, really. I don't think we could of gotten a whole patio set for 100 euros never mind they few little extras we got.
too bad its raining today..Otherwise I'd be sleeping in my lounge chair.

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iruvroo said...

Thats the bargin of the year!! you can't get 6 chairs for under $100 aroun here. everything sounds nice.
Hope the sun comes out so you can enjoy your chair.