Friday, March 03, 2006

Goed Nieuws

OK. I have some pretty good news. This coming Tuesday I have a demonstration of my language skills for a prospective employer. Its within a real estate company. I would be answering phones n giving information about the questioned real estate. I MUST speak Dutch.

I'm pretty scared since I don't speak it much and when I do its only with Gregory. So everyone please cross your fingers, light a candle, pray, do a dance, do whatever it is you do to send luck to someone because I NEED it.


Steph said...

Hey congrats! Ok, this Tuesday I have an interview for a good position at Fidelity in Boston. It must be a sign since we're both interviewing on the same day, we'll both rock the house! I'll do a dance and cross my fingers for both of us!!

iruvroo said...

That's great !!! you know you can do it. have confidence in yourself and others will believe. i'll cross everything that's possible.