Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Belgium package delivery system...Has NO system

Since WEDNESDAY, nearly a week now, I've been trying to receive my package that came from America. They delivered it here to the apartment on Wednesday but since our landlady is such a douche-bag, our bell doesn't work. (however, convinently, her daughter's bell work) so I never received it because how was I to know anyone was here with a broken bell? I have Gregory call because he can communicate with these people better than I can. He calls THE VERY NEXT DAY to have it delivered to his grandmother's house since he goes there every afternoon and there's always someone home. This is not the first time we've had one of my packages shipped to her house. Well to make a long story short it never got there, Gregory has called multiple times everyday, either people have no idea where the package is, or they're reassuring us it'll be shipped out that afternoon, or the very next morning. Last I heard it was found in the "return to sender" corner, but then was going to be shipped out yesterday afternoon. It never made it yesterday afternoon because it went from gent (on Wednesday) to Brussels for days, back to gent yesterday because someone looked at the address on the package rather than being involved in what's going on and looking to see if there's a second address to send it to, bell still didn't work yesterday so we STILL didn't get it and then it went back to Brussels only to be lost yet again. So the lady we talked to said she didn't know what to do anymore. If she doesn't know what to do then who does???????? I am so pissed off at these people. I BETTER get it soon or they're going to start hearing a very angry American person on the phone and I don't think they want that.
oh an ps taxi post-I refuse to pay the 9.90 you're charging me. Maybe if you could do your job effectively then I would pay your fee but after the hassle you're putting us through, there's no way I'm paying that anymore!

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