Tuesday, December 11, 2007

little owl

i made this little guy today!
he only took me a half hour. i had just came in from purchasing my materials to make him and wanted to try it out. i had other things to do as well so i couldnt spend too much time playing, i was just experimenting. i only bought brown and white to start with, as i wasnt sure how difficult felting was. turns out its not difficult at all! and actually really fun, too.
only things to keep in mind are (so i've read off the internet) are that the needles are extremely sharp so watch out for the fingers. plus the needles have burs on them (thats how it fuses the wool together) so i imagine it would hurt really bad sticking yourself with it. aaand, the needles are really fragile and can easily break. you have to poke straight up and down in order to keep them from breaking. no diagonal poking, no wiggling while poking. just straight poking.
i had tons of fun making my little guy and i will def be trying to make more creatures soon.

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