Monday, December 11, 2006

island of lights and a christmas tree

in the center of kortrijk every year they do an "island of lights". all the street light bulbs are replaced with black lights, they have a huge disco ball and other large, white, abstract sculptures that capture the black light really well. the other night they had lit a million candles ( or what seemed like a million) and they also had fire jugglers and fire breathers and the sort performing for passer byers. it was beautiful!
i think on new years eve they have a party there and you can dance under the giant disco ball and count down to the new year with a bunch of other crunk party-goers.

this weekend we also bought our christmas tree. its a bit skinny but it appears that you can either get a small fat tree, or a large skinny tree here in belgium. i have seen both large and fat. but its ours and we love it.

we strung lights and hung the decorations sunday evening. it was great.
here are some pictures:
my friend janne posing for a picture
our christmas tree. it looks crooked but its just the tree. me posing with our tree.

fun, huh?

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Stepho said...

Yay Christmas tree! We put ours up last Sunday, the house just always looks better when it's decked out for the holiday. Once I take it all down it all looks so bare... I'll have to send you pics too. :)