Thursday, January 26, 2006



I haven't posted in quite a long time, I know. Nothing has really been going on for me to say anything. When I arrived back in Belgium I had to wait to see about a job in a nursing home. Turns out that it was only to be for a kitchen aid for a couple of weeks in a far away town so I didn't take it. Then I heard that the professor, who I previously worked with was going to finally (after hounding) send me a letter of recommendation along with an invitation to go to the university in Brussels to see about a job as a prosector. He has yet to e-mail me, and I've been e-mailing him!!! What the hell! So this week I've sent my resume to a big funeral company that does embalming and everything, along with various other jobs such as a legal secretary and a help desk person.The legal secretary job called me back and boy was I NOT prepared for all the questions they were about too ask. Such as : what interests you about becoming a legal secretary? I was thinking "shit, I just want a job! All my answers I awkwardly pulled out of my ass because I had no answer for them. I don't give a shit about legal secretarial work. I just want a job. So needless to say I didn't get that job. I have a feeling the help desk people will call either today or tomorrow. Both companies make you fill out an online application form with all the same questions that can be answered by looking at the attached resume. The legal secretary's form came in first and they called the very next day, so based on that I'm assuming the help desk people will call today considering I filled out their form yesterday. I hope they don't ask me questions like why I want to work as a help desk person. I mean, is that really a career goal? Does anyone REALLY want to work at a help desk? Still waiting for a word back from the funeral place. That one I mailed in through the post so it might take a bit and I'm STIIIIILLLLLLLLLL waiting for the professor to get back to me. He's really beginning to press my buttons. Anyway that's it for now.

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